In a fast moving world… We could all do with a roll of 36 exposures –Vincent Laforet

Renowned photojournalist Vincent Laforet recently appeared on one of DigitalRev’s cheap camera challenges. His task was to cast aside his usual high-end Canon DSLR and tilt-shift lens and instead shoot two rolls of 35mm film on an old Canon SLR and a Lensbaby Composer Lens. It seems to have been quite moved by the experience and has provided a great rightup.

It was just so refreshing to stop. To pause. To Wait. To not know the outcome of a shutter press. To NOT get that instant gratification. As scary as “not knowing” can be – there’s something terribly peaceful about it, if you come to accept it. For me photography has always been that one discipline that I could take part in to escape for a few hours and somehow come to calmly embrace the uncertain. If only I could be more adept at doing that in life. —Vincent Laforet