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The NATO summit is coming to town, well, Newport mainly. However, there’s a couple of “meals” taking place on the 4th and 5th of September that we in Cardiff are having to prepare for. By “prepare for”, I mean take… Continue Reading →

Two things! Firstly, I’m still here! Yes, things have been a little quiet again lately. I don’t know what it is about the summer, but even though there’s far more daylight to be had, it hasn’t been inspiring me to… Continue Reading →

Urban Exploration, or Urbex for short, is the exploration of urban environments in various stages of decay, or even just places that are out of sight. It’s an area of photography where much of the challenge is just getting into places… Continue Reading →

In case you missed the news, or my post on my other site, Apple’s Aperture is now dead and the professionals and enthusiasts using it are going to have to look elsewhere for their future software needs. This has become… Continue Reading →

Whether you are a bike person or not, I challenge anyone to not be able to recognise the unmistakable thrum of a Harley Davidson’s V-Twin engine. A Harley won’t get you where you want to go particularly quickly, but at… Continue Reading →

Inspiring stuff: Gordon Parks

Another one for the inspiration pile, this time by Gordon Parks. “I picked up a camera because it was my choice of weapons against what I hated most about the universe: racism, intolerance, poverty. I could have just as easily… Continue Reading →

Garry Winogrand, street photographer: a retrospective –via The Guardian

I realise I’ve been neglecting the “inspiration” category of this blog again, so I’m going to start collecting links to articles that I recommend you take a look at, here… This dazzling American street ­photographer cut through the artifice of… Continue Reading →

Ok, so everyone appears to be posting “selfies” to the internet these days, but quite frankly, the last thing I or anyone else wants to see in their feed is my gurning face. I normally shoot quite instinctively, jumping from… Continue Reading →

I don’t believe you can get much better than an early morning stroll in the sun.  I consider myself very fortunate to live in a little seaside town called Penarth.  The old buildings, it’s pier and parks make for excellent… Continue Reading →

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